The Album isn’t dead and Billie Eilish’s pre-add record just proved it

Written by frtyfve crew

Billie Eilish smashes Apple Music's pre-add record.

Ever since the dawn of music streaming, music industry analysts have feared for the future of the album format. The increasing hegemony of the playlist has often been the primary cause for concern here, with many worried that this new mode of consumption will drive audiences away from the good-old LP.

However, recent stats regarding Billie Eilish’s latest album ‘When We All Fall Asleep…’ seem to represent a different story altogether. The figures published by Apple Music state that a whopping 800,000 fans ‘pre-added’ Eilish’s album to their music libraries - smashing the previous record on the streaming site.

In a statement to Music Business Worldwide, Apple Music exec Oliver Schusser said:

“While most services focus the majority of their efforts around playlists, Apple Music still emphasizes albums because we understand their value as a storytelling tool for artists to create context around their music.”

The significance of this news may be hard to grasp for some. However, for an industry that lost one of its most valuable sales indicators in the ‘pre-order’ nearly a decade ago, this is massive.

That said, it is surely the case that streaming services need to give fans more in return for pre-saving albums if this void is to be filled. As at present, there is no tangible benefit for doing so. Early access to tracks is surely the obvious option here?

Of course, all of this could simply be the result of the global hype surrounding Eilish and the pre-save may still be effectively useless. However, for die-hard music fans and artist, any glimmer of hope for the album format is surely something to hold on to.

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