The British music gender pay gap is discomfiting

Written by frtyfve Team

British music companies have filed their ‘gender pay gaps’ to the UK government’s Equalities Office.

Yesterday, British music companies with more than 250 employees had to meet the UK government’s Equalities Office ‘gender pay gap’ deadline. The ‘pay gap’ refers to the difference between the average hourly earnings between men and women. The mean and median gender pay gaps at each company have been submitted to the authorities. The figures are discomfiting.

MBW revealed that the average gender pay gap across the three major labels in the UK was 33.8%. These figures are dated to April 5th, 2017 - with all three majors saying they have taken action to improve the statistics over the past year.

The push by the government to receive this data and the reports published by British music companies illustrates the scale of the issue, but also the importance that it actually pushes change in the industry. We recently reported that 45 international music festivals have committed to PRS Foundation’s 50/50 gender split pledgeSpotify has also recently released a new tool in partnership with Smirnoff, which analyses and calculates the gender breakdown from your listening history. The forthcoming steps taken by the British music industry are paramount to equality.

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