The South African Streaming Service You Need To Know

Written by frtyfve crew

Vodacom, a subsidiary owned by Vodafone, which also happens to be the largest network in South Africa, has launched a new streaming service. Currently, Vodafone offers a free Spotify subscription with some of its phone contract packages - but could this be all about to change?

Spotify only launched in South Africa in April 2018 at $4.30 per month, but now larger telecoms companies are taking the opportunity to exploit South Africa’s high mobile phone usage to launch their own music streaming services.

There is hope for My Muze, as one of these tele-muso ventures most successful story comes from India. JioMusic was a subsidiary of India’s second-biggest telco operator Jio, that not only props up 4G in the country but it has over 300m+ users.

Vodafone has 444m+ users across the world and although My Muze’s downloads are tiny compared to Spotify’s active users, there is definitely food for thought with the audience these providers already have. Can they convert their customers to music fans? It may be all it takes, to become a threat to Spotify’s dominance.

Check out My Muze here.

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