This app will help you pick new clothes based on your Spotify listening data

Written by frtyfve Team

Eison Triple Thread’s new app FITS will use your Spotify data to help you build a new wardrobe

Music and fashion are crucial cogs in the creation of identity. The connections between shopping habits and music taste are endless; consider the tracks used on adverts, songs played in shops and the brands who align themselves with particular artists.

Julian Eison, the founder of luxury menswear brand Eison Triple Thread (ETT), has devised a new app which takes this to a new level. Whilst many clothing brands use transactional data to make clothing based recommendations, FITS uses Spotify’s API to ingest user listening data, to make clothes recommendations that match your music taste.

“It’s a unique take on the recommendation engine that everybody else is using because you can infer a lot from people’s music choices,” Eison said in an interview with Racked. “We start with Spotify information to understand the emotions behind your style choice, and we’ll eventually get the looks that fit you best.”

Users can log into FITS and connect to their Spotify account, before taking a lifestyle quiz which will provide the app with further information on their taste. Whilst the price tag on ETT’s garments may put most off, their new app is an extremely innovative way to use Spotify’s API.

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