​“This Is America” has propelled Childish Gambino’s playlist following to over 100 million.

Written by frtyfve Team

Donald Glover’s latest release as Childish Gambino addresses gun violence, racial tensions and the narratives and nuances employed against black rappers.

“This Is America”  received global recognition after the release of the music video, debuting at number 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

“This Is America” went viral online, picking up over 200 million YouTube views

The Hiro Murai directed music video went viral, opening up a conversation about the song’s narrative. With occasional features from rappers BlocBoy JB, 21 Savage and Young Thug, who input ironic skrrt’s and yeah’s, Glover explores America’s gun violence epidemic and the glorification of violence in rap music. A politically charged release, Glover reflects on the critical spotlight in which such artists perform.

With features on 563 influential playlists, including Today’s Top Hits, Global Top 50 and Rap Caviar, Childish Gambino has picked up over 105,000,000 playlist followers after an incredible 180% (68 million) increase in the past 7 days (Instrumental).

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