Tips for 2019: Still Woozy

Written by frtyfve Team

Still Woozy is a one-man machine set for a huge 2019

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Sven Gamsky, the man behind the moniker, is a one-man machine, writing, recording and self-producing his groovy indie-electro sounds. Hailing from Oakland, California, Still Woozy has dropped two tracks this year, “Habit” and “Lucy”, the latter featuring Bay Area rapper ODIE. Possessing the innate ability to express feelings, situations and moments in a refreshingly encapsulating way, we’re very excited for his currently untitled debut EP.

Dropping new single “Habit”, Still Woozy is featured on 14 influential Spotify playlists, garnering 3,031,425 playlist followers this week, after an increase of over 100,000. In the space of a year, his direct artist following has more than quadrupled to 49,597 (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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