Tips for 2019: Yonaka

Written by frtyfve Team

Yonaka have left a huge mark on UK alternative rock this year

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Brighton four-piece Yonaka dropped debut EP ‘Creature’ in November and have gone on to support Bring Me The Horizon on their huge UK tour. With heavy riffs, melodic hooks and a ferocious punk edge delivered by frontwoman Theresa Jarvis, the four-piece have quickly garnered a reputation for their intense live shows. Having teased an album in the works last year, we expect a strong debut LP from Yonaka in 2019.

Yonaka have enjoyed significant playlist support with every release in 2018. Currently featured on 30 influential playlists including Digging Now, the band have over 3.2 million playlist followers. Starting the year with under 5,000 direct artist followers, they now have 15,55, after a solid year of growth (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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