TuneCore offers artists Facebook and Instagram Monetization

Written by frtyfve Team

TuneCore has announced a new service offering Facebook Monetization to artists

Digital music distributor TuneCore has announced a service offering Facebook Monetization to artists. The free service will ensure that artists receive remuneration for the use of their music across Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook has upped its music experience for users, most recently, integrating Spotify into Instagram Stories. As it plans its next steps to include music features across Facebook and Instagram, TuneCore is encouraging artists to “get in early”.

“Facebook Monetization is 100% free for TuneCore Artists – simply head to your dashboard, sign-up, and select the eligible tracks that you’ve distributed. From there, we will send your music to Facebook, and any earnings will be paid directly to your TuneCore account”, TuneCore explained in a blog post.

As social media platforms compete to enhance the digital music experience, TuneCore is amongst a group of distributors seeking to help clients make money from the use of their music.

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