United States now has 51 million music-streaming subscribers

Written by frtyfve Team

A new MusicWatch study claims that there are now 51 million music-streaming subscribers in the US.

Research firm MusicWatch has shared a new study, estimating the growth of the US music-streaming market. The study claims that there are now 51 million paying music-streaming subscribers in the United States. This figure marks a significant increase from the 35 million subscribers reported by RIAA at the close of 2017.

Whilst the huge increase illustrates continued growth in the music-streaming market, the report also reveals that there are an additional 20 million people sharing someone else's paid account. The growing popularity of family plans is likely to explain this statistic.

Billboard, who ran the exclusive on the study, also revealed that there are a further 29 million users on free trials of music-streaming services. “In total, 157 million people in the country still stream music for free without trials, on platforms like YouTube or Spotify’s free tier,” it reported.

MusicWatch also reported on the continued domination of Spotify and Apple Music, who have a combined 80% of the US streaming market. According to Billboard, "while MusicWatch did not disclose service-specific stats toBillboard, both Spotify and Apple Music reportedly have north of 20 million paying subscribers each in the U.S., while Pandora, which is only available in the States, has over 6 million subscribers, according to its Q2 2018 earnings report".

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