Wake up with the Spotify Alarm Clock

Written by frtyfve Team

Google rolls out new function allowing users to set alarm sounds via Spotify

Google has announced a new feature which allows users of its phones to set alarm sounds via Spotify in the Clock app. Users will be able to connect their Spotify accounts to the app after completing the latest software update.

The new function will be available to both premium and free Spotify users, who will be able to integrate their favourite playlists into their morning routine. A new Spotify tab will join the traditional alert tones, complete with a selection of Spotify editorial morning-themed playlists and the users recently played tracks. According to reports, YouTube Music could also be added to the Clock app in the near future.

The integration of Spotify into Google's Clock App fuels the power of playlists that cater to certain times of the day, as well as certain moods.

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