Who is the biggest "Big" artist?

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There are thousands of artists on Spotify with the name “Big” something, but who is the biggest?

Spotify is home to thousands of artists with “Big” in their name - from The Notorious B.I.G, to Big Narstie, having Big in your name is a pretty bold statement. But who is the biggest “Big” artist?

To answer this age-old question, we got our hands on Instrumental’s A&R scouting platform, which utilises Spotify and social API data with applied AI processes to unearth the fastest growing artists and tracks.

Who is the biggest “Big” artist?

After searching for artists with the name “Big”, Instrumental’s A&R scouting platform uncovered 39 artists, who have released music in the past three months, who have over 10,000 Spotify playlist followers.

We’ve ranked the Top 20 Big Artists based on total playlist following, which gives a good indication of stream growth.

1. Big Sean

1. Big Sean

1. Big Sean

Big Sean is in the A-list of “Big” artists. Born in California, but raised in Detroit, the rapper broke through after being signed to Kayne West’s GOOD Music label. He has since collaborated with Drake, Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry and Nas to name just a few actually big artists. After featuring on Halsey’s new track “Alone” and releasing his new single “Momma”, Big Sean has enjoyed significant growth in his playlist following. This week alone, he has picked up over 21 million playlist followers, taking his total to over 30 million. With a huge 55,000 growth in his direct artist followers also taking place in the past 7 days, Big Sean is well deserving of the Biggest Big accolade (Instrumental A&R scouting platform).

2. A Great Big World

2. A Great Big World

2. A Great Big World

Who said that having “Big” in your name is exclusive to rappers? Melodic singer-songwriting duo A Great Big World are our surprise inclusion in the Top 20 list. They enjoyed a rapid breakthrough after the release of their chart-topping single “Say Something” (2013), which also won them a Grammy!

Their new track “Younger” is an anthemic love letter and the first track taken from their forthcoming self-titled third album. With features on 2000s Smash Hits, Soft Pop Hits and Totally Stress Free playlists, the duo have picked up over 4.7 million playlist followers this week (Instrumental A&R scouting platform).

3. Big Shaq

3. Big Shaq

3. Big Shaq

Michael Dapaah is the comedic mind behind viral grime character, Big Shaq. After graduating from his mockumentary series Somewhere in London, Big Shaq appeared on Charlie Sloth’s Fire in the Booth, which contributed to the viral success of his platinum debut single “Man’s Not Hot”, which has been streamed over 170 million times to date.

Having dropped his follow up single “Man Don’t Dance”, Big Shaq holds his place in the top 3 of the “Big” charts. With a 49% increase in his playlist following in the past 7 days, his total playlist following is now over 3.9 million (Instrumental A&R scouting platform).

Here’s the rest of our top 20 high flying “Big” artists.

4. Big Freedia

5. Bigredcap

6. Big Z

7. Big Wild

8. Big Yamo

9. Big Narstie

10. Big Gigantic

11. Little Big Town

12. Big Tobz

13. Big Soto

14. Nobigdyl.

15. Big Data


17. Bigtopo

18. Big Bank

19. Big Ups

20. Biggie Juke

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