Why Great Artwork Is Still Important

Written by frtyfve Team

Paddy, please introduce yourself!

Now a City Boy, I was born and raised in rural Roscommon, Ireland. I love design, rock n roll, and drumming!

So why is artwork still important in the streaming era of music?

While album artwork may not seem as important in the streaming era, it’s still incredibly valuable to any artist. Artwork represents the track's themes, reinforces the artist’s identity and can be used to enhance your message or stance. Not to mention, it provides excellent material for marketing campaigns and social media posts - we all listen with our eyes too!

What's your favourite album?

U2’s Achtung Baby - although it changes regularly at the moment, I’m listening to more music than ever!

Favourite gig?

Muse in Rome July 2019. The crowd was incredible; it was a masterclass in stage production.

Who are your top 3 "Ones to Watch" for 2020?

Fatherson, Vistas, Inhaler

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