Years & Years are using AI to remix their new tracks

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Years & Years are using artificial intelligence (AI) to remix tracks on their new album.

British synth-pop band Years & Years have been experimenting with AI creative technology to craft remixes of tracks on their upcoming second album. First reported by MusicAlly, Luke Ferrar (Head of Digital, Polydor Records), spoke at their Sandbox Summit Conference in New York about the process of creating mood-based remixes:

“AI is a buzz term but we need to get our heads around its relevance to the industry... AI is an unproven concept, so machine learning is probably a more accurate term.”

We recently reported on ‘Hello World’, the first full-length album composed using artificial intelligence. The project released by SKYGGE aimed to illustrate that AI “can be used to create new, compelling music, generating fresh musical material”.

The use of artificial intelligence in music has improved way beyond its early applications - including the creations of novelty classical compositions. With rapid advancements in AI technologies including machine learning, many areas in the music industry are being introduced to tech which is delivering results impossible to achieve through manual processes.

Ferrar explained that the new Years & Years record is “set in a near-future dystopia, where the world has been taken over by robots”. The use of this technology is focussed on utilising mood characteristics. A&R music scouting platform Instrumental also utilises mood characteristics as part of their process to unearth the fastest growing artists and tracks.

Spotify’s latest update to their free-tier is also driven by machine learning. Spotify’s freemium service will recommend music to users on-the-go with assisted playlists, suggesting tracks to the user based on their taste.

According to the MusicAlly report, Years & Years are using the AI tech at the core of a mood-remixer website to increase interaction between fans, who are able to play around with the stems of tracks.

Whilst AI is certainly not set to take over the manual recording or production process any time soon, it is an interesting avenue of exploration for artists wishing to experiment with their output and wider marketing strategies. It is, however, changing the game in the scouting process.

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