​Years & Years launch new cryptocurrency, YearCoin

Written by frtyfve Team

Years & Years have launched YearCoin as part of their promotional campaign for their forthcoming album, Palo Santo.

British synth-pop band Years & Years have launched a new cryptocurrency as part of their promotional campaign for their forthcoming LP, Palo Santo, which is out on July 6th.

The band’s futuristic promotional site carries a dystopian theme, which runs in correlation with the album. “Palo Santo” is reported to be about a genderless dystopian society populated by androids, referred to as Palo Santo.

Years & Years fans are able to mine for YearCoin

Fans are able to ‘mine’ the band’s YearCoins, by completing tasks such as streaming their new single or following their Spotify playlists. Once they have earnt enough of the currency, they can apply for a ‘Palo Santo’ ID Card, which is an exclusive piece of memorabilia for the campaign.

“Humans are a rare commodity in the android community of Palo Santo,” the website reads. “There is a small human rebellion being coordinated through illegal encrypted online communications and is funded by the cryptocurrency, YearCoin.”

“Save enough and become a free human with an official palo santo ID card”.

Whether or not Years & Years have applied actual blockchain technology to the campaign, the concept is a smart one. The band have also been experimenting with AI creative technology to craft remixes of tracks on the album.

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