YouTube adds music credits to 500m videos

Written by frtyfve Team

YouTube has launched a new feature which will show the credits and music discovery information on more than 500m videos.

YouTube’s ‘Music in this video’ feature will work for official music videos, fan content and creator videos alike, which from day one will cover half a billion videos.

“For over half a billion videos that contain music, when you click ‘Show more’, you’ll see more detail about the artists and songwriters, and the labels and publishers who represent them, including a link to the Official Artist Channel and official music video when available”

YouTube Blog

In a blog post, YouTube announced that credits and music discovery information would be added to both music videos and fan-uploaded content that features recorded music. Whilst 500m is the day one figure, credits will continue to be added to videos as the process continues. This will include artist, songwriter, label and publisher data, as well as a link to the relevant Official Artist Channel.  Users will be able to access the credits when they click the ‘Show More’ button under each video.

YouTube’s Content ID technology is fuelling the new feature

"'Music in this video' strives to provide greater recognition and exposure to the people who contribute to the creative process. It also provides more opportunities for artists and songwriters to reach YouTube’s diverse audience, whether those viewers come to the platform for music videos, science experiments or beauty vlogs!”

YouTube Blog

The process has been made possible by YouTube’s partnership with labels, publishers and music right societies, alongside its copyright identification and management technology Content ID. Metadata from these key players will be ingested by Content ID.

The news comes as YouTube launches YouTube Music, a brand new streaming service launched by the video-sharing giant.

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