Anna Leone shares delicate tales of escapism on her EP ‘Wandered Away’

Written by frtyfve Team

Swedish singer-songwriter Anna Leone has shared her latest tales of escapism on ‘Wandered Away’.

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The 23-year-old has always considered herself to be somewhat of an introvert, quietly crafting her songwriting abilities since she was at high school. Her single, ‘My Soul I’, was incredibly well received, with the melancholy yet hopeful debut picking up over 3.6 million streams to date. ‘My Soul I’ is featured on ‘Wandered Away', alongside a collection of tracks exploring inner relationships and connections. With a delicate yet soaring vocal, her tracks are reflective but uplifting. 

Featuring on 44 influential playlists, Anna Leone has enjoyed a significant 5,300,431 increase in her playlist following to over 10.5 million this week (Instrumental).

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