bülow​ is creating synth-pop at its finest

Written by frtyfve Team

German-Canadian artist bülow is just 18 years old but is fast-becoming one of the most exciting voices in synth-pop.

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At just 11 years old, bülow took to the streets of London to busk. Honing her talent across the globe, she has grown up in 5 countries including Canada, Germany, the UK, the US and now The Netherlands, where she is currently finishing high-school. 

Her ‘Damaged Vol.1’ is an exceptional debut. Featuring single, ‘Not A Love Song’, the release is packed with effortless melodies and hard-hitting wobbly synths. Having surpassed 17 million streams on Spotify alone, bülow has risen to the occasion after being discovered at a summer camp in 2016. 

With features on 62 influential playlists, her total playlist following has grown by 10% to over 13 million in the past seven days (Instrumental). In the same league as Carlie Hanson, Sasha Sloan and Charlotte Lawrence, bülow is at the forefront of a new era of rising pop-stars. 

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