Bang Bang Romeo return with electrifying single “Shame On You”

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Doncaster’s Bang Bang Romeo return from the US with new single “Shame On You”

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Having just signed a worldwide record deal with Eleven Seven Label Group (USA), female-fronted alt-rock trio Bang Bang Romeo have shared a teaser from their debut album.

“Shame On You” is an electrifying, festival-ready single, with a huge chorus that is perfect for a band on the rise.“’Shame On You’ is about two negative magnets constantly drawing themselves to one another. We know it's going to end in tears, waking up the morning after with a broken heart, but we're each other's doomed 'Ying and Yang', and that's just the way it is," the band say.

Opening the Isle Of Wight Festival Main Stage last week after being invited by promoter John Giddings to open the 50th Anniversary festival, the band smashed a set in front of 10,000 people. Picking up over 200,000 playlist followers this week and enjoying a 7% increase in their direct following, it is clear that their triumphant set has had a positive impact on their streaming stats (Instrumental A&R Scouting Platform).

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