​Blackaby share sunny single “Georgie Wants A Garden”

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Exciting London trio Blackaby share sunny new single “Georgie Wants A Garden”

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Having only played a couple of shows to date, Blackaby have picked up a real buzz. Having recently been invited to support Eleanor Friedberger, the band have shared “Georgie Wants A Garden”. The track is a wonderful outpouring of summery vibes, tackling the notion of desiring more. With a loungey feel, shimmering guitars take lead alongside heavenly harmonies.

“Georgie Wants A Garden” has picked up over 30,000 streams on Spotify

“Georgie Wants A Garden” has been streamed over 30,000 times on Spotify since its May 11th release. If they continue to release more music like this, as they head out on tour, Blackaby can expect their 12, 785 monthly listener base to grow considerably.

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