​Bristol’s dark-pop hot prospect Keir shares ‘Sadboy’

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Bristol’s dark-pop fast-riser Keir has shared his latest single ‘Sadboy’.

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23-year-old singer-songwriter Keir has captured a new and enticing eclectic pop sound. Having made his mark with debut single ‘Squeeze Me’, the Bristol newcomer marks his dark-pop return with ‘Sadboy’.

Keir celebrates the realm of male emotions on 'Sadboy'

With huge electronic beats and a wildly unique vocal, Keir explores and celebrates the realm of male emotions.

Talking about the track, Keir said "'Sadboy' is a way of me being able to celebrate emotions as a man which I am usually embarrassed about or look to suppress. Society teaches: ‘to be a man is to be emotionless’, certainly in Britain anyway."

Sitting on just 27, 779  playlist followers seven days ago, Keir has grown to over 980, 000 in the space of a week, after features on influential playlists including New Music Friday UK (Instrumental).

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