Canadian duo CMDWN stunt on hazy new single “Strong”

Written by frtyfve Team

CMDWN’s formula for success is simple, yet effective: Ca$tro Guapo raps and Fiji sings.

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Canadian duo CMDWN have been working together for over two years now, first collaborating on their Atlanada album in 2016. Back with Atlanada 2, the duo are making waves with features from Chief Keef and Key!, as well as their solo track, “Strong.”

CMDWN reached over 500,000 playlist followers after the release of their album.

“Strong” is a perfect example of why CMDWN’s style works so well. The hook is as catchy as it is goofy, grounded only by the Guapo’s verses and the hard-hitting bass and drums. Featured on playlists like New Music Now and Northern bars, the pair have reached over 500,000 playlist followers and have also gained 161 artist followers this week, taking their total to over 3,650 (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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