Carly Paige picks up 5.6 million followers in seven days

Written by frtyfve Team

With two new releases, Carly Paige has picked up over 5.6 million playlist followers this week. 

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Carly Paige has risen exponentially from just over 15k playlist followers to over 5.6 million in the past seven days (TalentAI).

Having co-written ‘If You’re Hearing This’, released by Hook N Sling, Parson James and Betty Who (RCA Records), which has picked up over 30 million streams and 3LAU’s new single ‘Touch’, Paige features on Steve Void & BEUAZ’s ‘Hide and Seek’. The track has exceeded over 3.2m Spotify streams and sits alongside her latest solo single ‘Drive Slow’.

Starting on just 1 playlist seven days ago, Carly now features on 47, including HIIT pop and Spinnin' top 100 records, increasing her Spotify popularity score to 58/100 (TalentAI).

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