​Cathedrals unveil new single ‘Hits Me Like a Landslide’

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San Francisco synth-pop duo Cathedrals are set to release a series of new singles in the coming months.

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Brodie and Johnny of Cathedrals took very different paths into their music career. Brodie was signed by the age of fourteen and on the road with her mother and sister in a family Americana band. Johnny, on the other hand, a Vietnamese refugee, taught himself piano by ear, played open-mic nights and collaborated with electronic artists. After landing a role in the business side of the music industry, he didn’t get back in the studio as an artist until he was 25.

As their stories intertwined, despite attending the same college, they didn’t actually meet until the summer of 2012. With Johnny’s deep collection of electronic beats and Brodie’s soulful vocal and folk roots, the duo formed an unlikely partnership.

Their brand new single ‘Hits Me Like a Landslide’ is an atmospheric and dreamy synth-pop hit, with a nod to the scandi-pop wave and nineties trip-hop. Their vocals merge seamlessly as the electronic beats at the core of the track build into an explosive and catchy chorus.

Only released today, the track has already been featured on one influential playlist in New Alternative, giving them over 13,000 playlist followers (Instrumental). It is likely that with significant playlist attention, this track will pull in the millions of streams attained by their previous releases.

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