Charlotte Lawrence explores her struggles with anxiety on “Keep Me Up”

Written by frtyfve Team

Charlotte Lawrence’s latest single is a dark pop earworm which explores her struggles with anxiety.

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Lawrence’s follow up to her Spotify Singles with Sasha Sloan and Nina Nesbitt is a dark pop earworm, exploring her experiences with anxiety. At the age of sixteen, Charlotte Lawrence broke through with her third single release "Seventeen". The daughter of Christa Miller and Bill Lawrence, the LA-based songstress is fast-rising in her own right with over 2.4m monthly listeners.

Having impressed with her vocal range, catchy electro-pop beats and shimmering hooks on previous releases, she has returned with a track that flaunts her songwriting prowess. Her dreamy vocal stands strong, packed around slow-building and tense soundscapes, which drop into an upbeat chorus.

After features on New Music Friday, Good Vibes and Indie Pop playlists, Charlotte has picked up over 4.5 million playlist followers this week. Her direct artist following has also grown by 5.3% to 31, 000, illustrating strong engagement with her Spotify profile (Instrumental).

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