​Esoterik drops debut EP ‘My Astral Plane’

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One-third of Aussie hip-hop force Bliss n Eso, Esoterik returns with his debut solo EP.

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After being part of Australian hip-hop powerhouse Bliss n Eso for over a decade, Esoterik has returned with his debut ‘My Astral Plane’. Tracking his journey after kicking a drinking habit, marrying the love of his life and having a child, the Sydney MC is honest throughout, with an unstoppable natural energy.

‘My Astral Plane’ is a vibrant debut

With trap beats, piano parts and brass noodles, ‘My Astral Plane’ is a vibrant effort.

“I wanted to be able to really self-express on this record, trying to let the listener understand something that’s human. I wanted it to be real. Being able to talk about my struggles with addiction and with alcohol, and being able to show that there is another side to it. The kids don’t look up to politicians, they don’t listen to their teachers. It’s rappers, comedians and artists that are guiding them in my opinion,” Esoterik explains.

Enjoying support from influential playlist Aussie Hip-Hop, Esoterik has over 72,747 playlist followers this week. Having already picked up thousands of streams and with a growing artist following of 3,370, the release is likely to drive the growth of his solo efforts (Instrumental).

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