GOLDN channels heartache and hurt on new single "Heartbreak Drugs"

Written by Katie Conway-Flood

GOLDN gallantly explores heartache on sombre pop single "Heartbreak Drugs"

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Singer-songwriter GOLDN channels his angst on new sombre pop single "Heartbreak Drugs". Born out of Los Angeles, GOLDN doesn't shy away from expressing emotions via the means of explicit language. Portraying his hardships and honesty in sleek summer EP 'once upon a star, Pt. 1, the California crooner's distinctively genre-blurring back catalogue continues with his latest lull "Heartbreak Drugs".

GOLDN has over 140,000 monthly listeners

"Heartbreak Drugs" hones in on ridding the heart of all hurt, in exchange for an extravaganza of drug-induced emotional turmoil. But with R&B rhythms, bubbling pop hooks and a chilled acoustic ambience all finding a middle ground, it's sound offers more. GOLDN's gravelly vocals offers up a level of richness and depth, dominating the soothing yet self-assured steel drum beat.

With features on four influential Spotify playlists including Young & Hot, GOLDN has picked up over 120,000 playlist followers this week. Following playlist support, his direct following is also growing at a steady rate of 3.24% (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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