GRAACE drops debut EP "Self Sabotage"

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Sydney electro-pop songstress GRAACE has shared her debut EP “Self Sabotage”

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GRAACE’s debut singles “Kissing Boys” and “Last Night” had us eagerly anticipating the arrival of her full debut EP. Well, it’s finally here. The 21-year-old Australian artist has created a cohesive, shining body of work, marking her entrance into the electro-pop space.

Stripped-back track “Last Night” is reminiscent of Lorde at times, with its vocal tones and thoughtful lyric narrative, but a brighter-pop sound comes through in tracks “Kissing Boys” and “SOS”. Backed by Triple J and influential press outlets alike, GRAACE’s debut EP looks set to be a hit.

GRAACE has picked up an impressive 3.5m new playlist followers this week

Both GRAACE’s direct artist following and playlist following have grown significantly this week, with spots on enormous editorial playlists: Summer Party (1,715,866 playlist followers), Daily Life, Summer Chillout and Pop All Day. "Last Night" is featured in a number of these, giving the track a staggering 2,175,757 playlist followers in total (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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