Greta Isaac shares new single ‘Undone’

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Welsh singer-songwriter Greta Isaac unveils new single ‘Undone’

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Greta Isaac has shared her first release of 2018, with playful single ‘Undone’. With more of a percussive drive than previous releases, Greta has made a transition towards an acoustic sound which takes form around electro-pop structures.

Greta Isaac has enjoyed a 680% increase in total playlist followers

Talking about the track with EARMILK, she explained its routes: 

"'Undone' is a character who adores to be adored and sees people as fun challenges to be pursued, where the goal is to make them fall in love with you where the feelings will never be reciprocated."

With features on Femme Fatale and various New Music Friday playlists, Greta has enjoyed a 680% increase in total playlist followers to a total of 3.2 million. Her artist following has also increased by 8.5% to 3,120, topping off a strong week for the Welsh singer-songwriter (Instrumental).

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