​Hottest Artist In The World: Abir

Written by frtyfve Team

Abir is a 23-year-old R&B star on the rise.

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Moroccan-born and New York City-based Abir made waves in 2017 with her track “Girls”, written about a bathroom in Webster Hall, a trendy downtown music venue in NYC. Having since featured on tracks with electronic 3-piece Cash Cash and on Macklemore’s 2017 album ‘Gemini’, she has returned with “Way Out”.

Abir has been featured on 65 influential Spotify playlists this week

Her new solo single combines electro-pop beats, an R&B groove and a hip-hop edge, encapsulating her journey through New York whilst climbing the music industry ladder. With features on 65 influential playlists, Abir is fast-rising, with a 38% increase in her playlist following over the past 7 days to over 13 million (Instrumental).

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