Hottest Artist In The World: Alex Siegel

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Californian multi-instrumentalist Alex Siegel shares captivating single “Daydreaming Pilot”

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Californian based multi-instrumentalist and producer, Alex Siegel, has shared “Daydreaming Pilot”, his second single of 2018. Priding himself on his honest approach to music, Siegel was born and raised in Santa Monica, where he took influences from a variety of genres including jazz, folk and hip-hop. With dreamy soundscapes, his music explores a transition of change, both globally and within the self.

Alex Siegel has picked up over 3 million playlist followers this week

Siegel’s dulcet tones and lo-fi alt-pop sound makes “Daydreaming Pilot” effortless easy-listening. With features on Ultimate Indie and New Indie Mix, Alex Siegel has picked up 1.9 million new playlist followers this week, taking his total to over 3 million (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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