Hottest Artist In The World: Alextbh

Written by frtyfve Team

Malaysian fast-riser Alextbh is an LGBTQ pop icon

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In Malaysia, being openly gay is not well received. Thankfully, Alextbh has arrived with the intention of breaking through the hostility with a tool to encourage acceptance; his music.

"[I'm] very excited to see people reacting to 'still mine'; to me pushing the queer POC narrative. We exist, we get heartbroken, and we expect to have songs that reflect just that," alextbh explained.

Alextbh has picked up features on 9 influential playlists this week

With chilled R&B inspired beats and funky bass licks, his new track “still mine” is a confident yet subtle statement. Featured on 9 influential playlists including Silk Sheets and Top Hits Malaysia, Alextbh has picked up over 555,000 playlist followers this week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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