Hottest Artist In The World: APRE

Written by frtyfve Team

APRE drop new EP "Drum Machines Killed Music"

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‘Drum Machines Killed Music’: well... the title of APRE’s newly released EP is debatable, but the quality of the tracks that comes with it is not. The synth-pop duo blend futuristic sounds, with subtle synth nods to pop of the past. With rich harmonies, delicate but driven beats and tropical guitar riffs, "Drum Machines Killed Music" has a track or moment for every mood and situation.

APRE have gained 4 million playlist followers this week

Earning a spot on hugely influential playlists New Music Friday and The Indie List has no doubt encouraged the 470% growth in APRE’s playlist following this week. Their EP has been featured on 8 new influential playlists this week, and with such tropical and synthy quality, we hope to see this success continue (Instrumental Scouting Platform).

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