Hottest Artist In The World: Brazilian Girls

Written by frtyfve Team

Brazilian Girls are back.

The quartet from New York City have released a brand new single. Incorporating reggae, electronica, jazz and name-suiting bossa nova, the band earned a reputation for their euphoric live shows.

Back with their new single 'Bella Bella', the band are preparing to release ‘Let’s Make Love’, their first album since their 2008 Grammy-nominated record ‘New York City’.

The new record has been recorded over a number of years, with all band members living in different corners of the U.S and Europe. In the space of seven days, Brazilian Girls’ playlist following has grown from just under 250,000 total playlist followers to over 1,350,000 (TalentAI). With over 28,000 direct followers, it is likely that their return will be backed by a strong listening base.

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