Hottest Artist In The World: Carlie Hanson

Written by frtyfve Team

Last year breakout U.S pop princess Carlie Hanson introduced herself to the world as an emerging star with the release of “Why Did You Lie”. Since then, the Wisconsin teenager has released two equally as huge tracks which have been gaining significant traction on streaming platforms. She has even featured on Taylor Swift’s Favourite Songs playlist.

Her latest single ‘Us’ is a break-out pop moment for Hanson, full of attitude and personality. The track is a Dua Lipa inspired synth heavy electro-pop earworm, rightly sitting on Today’s Top hits playlist on Spotify. Hanson's playlist following his risen to over 34 million and 'Us' has already gained 500,000 streams (TalentAI). With such stats considered, we expect she will become one of the fastest pop-risers this year.  

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