Hottest Artist In The World: Charlotte OC

Written by Dylan Hallihan

Charlotte OC seems destined for a big 2019 on the back of resounding new single “Satellite”

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With the annual festive music merry-go-round slowly gathering pace, Charlotte OC has offered a timely reprieve with the release of raw new single “Satellite”. Equipped with an endearing backstory of gritty perseverance, the talented singer-songwriter’s path to this point has been a healthy struggle. Dropped by a major label as a teenager before the release of her debut album, the Blackburn native spent some time away from the industry before returning as a battle-hardened singer-songwriter with a story to tell. Teaming up with acclaimed producer Tim Anderson (Banks, Twenty One Pilots), 2017 saw her release accomplished, if slightly safe, debut album “Careless People”.

Fast forward to the end of 2018 and new track “satellite” is anything but. A rip-roaring alternative-pop offering that serves up a rollercoaster of emotions to keep listeners guessing throughout. Flickering between Lana Del Rey esque brooding verses and swashbuckling, pain-tinged choruses of an Adele anthem, Charlotte O’Connor exudes confidence and versatility on this self-assured hit single.

She shows an impressive control over all aspects of the song, from the perfect fit of the vocals over the sparse, varied rhythms and tempos of the production, to the secure nature of the lyrics and song structure that are happy to drift off in the assured arms of the magnificent chorus upon the songs' climax.

Charlotte OC has picked up over 4 million playlist followers this week

With features on 36 influential Spotify playlists, Charlotte OC has picked up over 4 million playlist followers this week. Continuing to captialise on playlist support, her artist direct following has also increased by 0.5% to 17,094 in the past 7 days (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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