Hottest Artist In The World: Cyn

Written by frtyfve Team

Cynthia Nabozny, better known as Cyn, was born into a humble and hardworking Midwestern family from Detroit; her parents haven’t travelled far beyond the North American shores. Despite a small town upbringing, she is now enjoying family firsts, manifesting her dreams of travel and the pursuit of her aspirations with the breakthrough of her music career.

Growing up on the sounds of Dean Martin, Sinatra and Carole, Nabozny performed at talent shows, uploaded covers to YouTube and had little luck auditioning for roles. After being rejected by a Chicago music school, she enrolled on an Management Information Systems degree and music became a quiet project, on the side of her studies.

After sending demos to DJ Skeet Skeet (Katy Perry’s opening DJ) for years, Cyn was properly acquainted with Perry in 2016, who fell for her electro-pop sound. After singing her praises on Instagram, the US pop sensation signed Cyn to her label Unsub Records. Releasing her third single, the 24-year-old has shifted her focus from previous lighter pop songs to “Alright”,  a brooding dance floor number about self-acceptance.

Last week Cyn had just 101,116 total playlist followers, but following the release of 'Alright' this figure has rocketed to 3,014,982, an astonishing increase of 2,881% (TalentAI). Added to 17 new playlists (with over 10k followers) in the past 7 days alone, the single has already picked up over 190,000 streams.

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