Hottest Artist In The World: Des Rocs

Written by frtyfve Team

Des Rocs drops rattling debut EP 'Let The Vultures In'

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NYC based Des Rocs (real name Danny Rocco) has finally dropped his eagerly anticipated debut EP. Double trouble on the live stage, Danny is an exceptional guitarist and vocalist; living proof that rock’n’roll is still alive and kicking. His debut swaggering alt-rock project features critically acclaimed singles "Maybe, I", "Let Me Live / Let Me Die" & "Used to the Darkness".

Des Rocs has picked up over 4.3 million new playlist followers in one week

After sharing the monstrous singles which feature on the EP, it is not surprising that Des Rocs is enjoying momentous growth. With features on multiple New Music Friday playlists and Rock This, among 21 other influential Spotify playlist, his playlist following has grown to over 11 million this week. More notably, his direct artist following continues to grow at an impressive 18.27% as he begins to build a solid fanbase (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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