Hottest Artist In The World: Diana Gordon

Written by frtyfve Team

Diana Gordon already has a story to tell, now she’s wiped her slate clean with new EP ‘PURE’

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For 12 years, Diana Gordon has been known by her stage name Wynter Gordon on songwriting credits. From Southside Queens, the singer-songwriter famously had credits on Mary J Blige’s 2005 album title track “Gonna Breakthrough” and Beyonce’s “Lemonade”. By no means an amateur to the industry, Gordon has decided to start again, this time revealing the face behind the songs she has penned.

Diana Gordon has picked up 2.9 million new playlist followers this week

Using her childhood in Queens as the narrative, Gordon fully reveals herself to the world on new EP ‘Pure’. From reflecting on the relationship she has with her parents on ‘Thank You’ and ‘Too Young’, to the nostalgia emulated on ‘Kool Aid’, an ode to her brothers, Gordon embraces a warm and ethereal energy which is refreshing and raw.

With over 91,000 monthly listeners, Diana Gordon has picked up over 2.9 million playlist followers this week, also enjoying a 44% increase in her direct Spotify artist following (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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