Hottest Artist In The World: Ea Kaya

Written by frtyfve Team

Ea Kaya releases “Tied Up”, affirming her position as one of the most exciting names in Scandi-pop.

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Ea Kaya is an important member of a new group of fast-rising Nordic pop stars dominating the charts and encouraging a shift in sound across the pop world. Her new single “Tied Up”, is the follow up to her debut single “Remedy”, which picked up over 100,000 streams within a week.

Ea Kaya has over 110,00 monthly listeners

Christine Kiberg, who goes under the moniker Ea Kaya, has an incredible ability to combine sassy sentiments and huge pop melodies. “Tied Up” affirms her position as one of the most exciting names in Scandi pop right now.

“Tied Up” was released less than two weeks ago and has already picked up over 125,000 streams. With over 110,000 monthly listeners and close to 1 million total playlist followers, Ea Kaya is building a strong listener base (Instrumental).

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