Hottest Artist In The World: Eliza Shaddad

Written by Dylan Hallihan

Eliza Shaddad drops highly anticipated debut album "Future"

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“Just Goes To Show” reveals itself as a bona fide hit amidst a deeply emotional and introspective debut album, from the up-and-coming soloist Eliza Shaddad . Having attracted plenty of admiring glances following her debut and sophomore EP’s, Eliza Shaddad shines with startling maturity on her first full-length feature.

With family links to both Sudan and Scotland, it is perhaps no surprise to hear such a range of sounds in her music. “Just Goes To Show” delves into the heady shoegaze days of the late 1980’s/early 1990’s with it’s drawn out, echoing guitar riffs. Eliza’s soft, enticing vocal echoes her folk influences, heard most in the honest and pure nature of her vocals. The nostalgic nature of these influences are ever present on her simple, retro-themed music video for the single.

Eliza Shaddad has over 3.8 million playlist followers

With support from Feelgood Indie and Ultimate Indie among 14 other influential playlists, Eliza Shaddad currently has over 3.8 million playlist followers. The success of Just Goes To Show becomes ever clearer, accounting for 3.6 million of her playlist features (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform). The young soloist is keen to reward her flourishing fandom with some live dates and has confirmed she will be embarking on a seven-date European tour, commencing in London on the 26th November and culminating in Paris on the 15th December. The “future” (couldn’t resist) it seems, is very bright indeed for Eliza Shaddad.

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