Hottest Artist In The World: Emily Burns

Written by James Roriston

Singer-songwriter Emily Burns delivers a catchy synth hit with ‘Too Cool'

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Writing frankly about themes such as love and revenge, Emily Burns is already making a mark in the congested pop scene with her appealing riffs. Based in the UK, Emily combines her love of the English language with her self-written tracks which are already amassing an impressive number of streams. Already appearing on BBC Radio, she has recently been at the centre of an Abbey Road ‘BBC Introducing Masterclass’ and she has since relocated to London.

Emily Burns has already amassed more than 15 million streams worldwide

Her music exudes an upbeat groove, mixing thoughtful lyrics with uplifting riffs. Soft synths kick in from the beginning, over her soft and beguiling lyrics. With features on 16 influential playlists, Emily Burns has picked up over 5.8m playlist followers this week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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