Hottest Artist In The World: Erthlings

Written by frtyfve Team

Sydney four-piece Erthlings drop debut single "Bridges"

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Erthlings' sound is well beyond their 16 years: cool, collected, but sassy. Hailing from Sydney, the all-female four-piece have just released their official debut single. Effortlessly blending hazy guitar parts, chilled beats and a powerful lyrical message, the band explore “feeling dragged down” whilst needing to move on.

Their honest lyrics draw from their own personal experiences, and their cohesive and organic instrumentation showcases the benefits of working creatively together since the age of 8.

Erthlings are already gaining heat from huge Spotify playlists

Erthling’s well-deserved inclusion on some of Spotify’s most influential playlists, including Indie Pop, New Indie Mix and Lazy Sunday has pushed their playlist following to over 2.4 million this week. As the world wakes up to hear what this female force has to offer, we expect these stats to rise dramatically (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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