Hottest Artist In The World: Everything Is Recorded

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XL Recordings co-founder Richard Russell has built supergroup, Everything Is Recorded, for an album release and live series. Russell is renowned for his label heading and production work, but with the collective releases his debut LP, released via XL Recordings. Having worked with the likes of Adele, Dizzee Rascal, Beck, Vampire Weekend and MIA, it is no secret that Russell has access to a powerful roster.

With appearances from Giggs, Sampha, Ibeyi and Kamasi Washington, Russell has collaborated with a new generation of breakout stars. However, less publicised credits also included Peter Gabriel and Scritti Politti’s Green Gartisde, proving that despite its force and unlike many supergroups this is not an ego-driven affair.

Russell takes on production duties, creates the beats, plays synth, bass and piano, but shies away from laying down vocals. Through sampling, Russell combines the new generation with the best. On “Close But Not Quite”, Mercury prize winning Sampha is joined by a Curtis Mayfield chorus, with both tear-wrenchingly soulful falsettos proving similar.

Combining such samples with new vocal gems, it is difficult to decipher whether Russell’s EIR stance is a literal one, of concern for the constant tracking of our everyday lives, or a reflection on the importance of constantly capturing sounds and samples throughout the creative process. Either way, EIR has been very well received with over 6 million new Spotify playlist followers over the past 7 days, taking their total to over 11 million. Title track, ‘Everything Is Recorded’ is the hottest track on the record, responsible for 44% of those total follows. Securing features on playlists including ‘New Music Friday’, ‘Pop Chillout’ and ‘Chill Vibes’ means that those stats are likely to grow in the coming weeks.

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