Hottest Artist In The World: Georgi Kay

Written by frtyfve Team

Georgi Kay returns with a powerful single inspired by loneliness.

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L.A. based Australian-British singer-songwriter Georgi Kay has returned with a stunning track in ‘Lone Wolf’, inspired by loneliness and engulfed in her trademark looping electronic beats.

With a love for looping bassy electronic beats, synths and her vocal chops, Georgi Kay has received multiple awards for her work. ‘Lonewolf’ is mesmerizing, with her melodies and silky voice fusing with a stirring soundscape.

With the release of ‘Lone Wolf’, Georgi Kay has enjoyed a 55% increase in playlist followers over the past 7 days to over 4.3 million. Featuring across 33 influential playlists, it is on it’s way to surpassing the 170,000 streams achieved by her previous single ‘Guilty Pleasures’ (Instrumental). 

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