Hottest Artist In The World: Goat Girl

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Goat Girl have been touted as the revivalists of guitar rock south of the Thames.

Having played within a tight-knit gig circle with bands like Shame, Fat White Family and Horsey, enjoying the expression and freedom it provided them with, Goat Girl's debut album has been hotly anticipated.

Fresh from SXSW, Goat Girl have finally released their self-titled debut album, produced by Dan Carey (Franz Ferdinand, Bat For Lashes, The Kills), a 19 track, 40-minute spectacular which puts the world to rights,

The album is a product of the frustrations felt by a group of talented twenty-somethings who are navigating an uncertain period in British history. ‘Burn the Stake’ is a Tory bashing anthem, an ode to Theresa May’s deal with the DUP:

Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, put the Tories on top / Put the D.U.P. in the middle and we’ll burn the fucking lot,’ Lottie growls.

But with tracks titled ‘Viper Fish’, ‘Moonlit Monkey’ and ‘The Man With No Heart or Brain’ and fun stage names (Clottie Cream, vocalist; Naima Jelly, bassist; LED, guitarist; Rosy Bones, drummer), whilst it is clear that they feel the need to express their feelings towards a peculiar political period, they do not intend to be framed as a political band.

After the release of the album, Goat Girl have enjoyed a seven-day playlist following increase of 2,303,163, taking their playlist following to over 3.5m (TalentAI). With a strong 128,000 monthly listeners, Goat Girl’s solid debut will stand them in good stead as one of the UK’s most exciting new bands.

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