Hottest Artist In The World - Golden Vessel

Written by frtyfve Team

Brisbane-based electronic producer Golden Vessel has been picking up support in Australia for a few years, releasing downtempo chilled electro-pop with support from Triple J. Citing inspiration from artists such as James Blake, Bonobo and Glass Animals, most of his tracks feature guest vocalists.

On new self-released track ‘Hesitate’, Golden Vessel collaborates with fellow Aussie and friend Emerson Leif. Released as Leif’s debut single, the tune is an extroversive reflection on religion, honesty and being. A shift in style from Golden Vessel’s self-reflecting efforts, the track is a captivating electronic ear-worm, with dreamy layering and zenful soundscapes.

Featured on Spotify playlists ‘Chill Vibes’ and ‘Just Chill’, ‘Hesitate’ has generated a huge increase in engagement with his music. In the past 7 days, Golden Vessel’s playlist following has increased by 1.1 million, a 78% increase, bringing his total playlist followers to 2.64 million (TalentAI). He’s certainly an artist to keep track of this year.

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