Hottest Artist In The World: Grapetooth

Written by Charlotte Marston

Grapetooth combine 80s synth-pop with modern day rock on self-titled debut album

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Chicago duo Clay Frankel (guitarist of the indie-rock outfit Twin Peaks) and Chris Bailoni (also known as producer Home-Sick) began writing and recording music together as flatmates before launching Grapetooth. The spontaneity and recklessness of the band’s conception is embodied in the band’s fortuitous, DIY home production which enhances rather than takes away from their lyricism and hazy sound. The pair— bonding over a shared love of cheap wine and 80s new wave—blend folk rhythms, gloomy disco beats and warped guitar riffs in their self-titled debut album, dealing with themes of love, death and loss whilst refusing to stray from their refreshing melodies.

Latest single “Red Wine”— released earlier this year as a precursor to the debut album— is characteristic of the band’s 80s-influenced synth-pop sound and juxtaposes gloomy vocals with floaty electronic rhythms and hazy guitar. As the duo’s most popular track, “Red Wine” serves to prove Grapetooth’s emerging potential (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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