Hottest Artist In The World: half-alive

Written by frtyfve Team

Long Beach indie outfit half-alive are turning heads with their new single “still feel.”

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Though half-alive only have four released songs, the electronic indie trio have been gaining attention since early 2017. After dropping their debut three-song EP last year, the band has been relatively quiet – until now. Paired with a one-take, choreographed music video, “still feel.” is the band’s latest and possibly most impressive release.

half-alive have been added to four influential playlists this week

Drawing influence from rock music, disco, and more, this single is versatile enough to be a great listen for an at home listener or a stadium full of fans. Reminiscent of indie groups like AWOLNATION and Twenty One Pilots, half-alive are one of the fastest rising acts out right now. Gaining exposure from playlists like Indie Pop and Hot Alternative, the trio has gained 591,368 playlist followers this week, amounting to a massive 237% increase (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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