Hottest Artist In The World: Harrison

Written by frtyfve Team

Harrison collaborates with Ralph on 70s inspired single "Your Girl"

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Fun and light, Harrison’s latest single "Your Girl", which features the delicate but persuasive vocals of Ralph, is a total success. The track masterfully blends soul synths and intricate percussion patterns to recreate the currently popular skippy 70s groove that has recently been permeating the music industry (Ariana Grande’s track “Successful” produced by Pharrell Williams carries a similar vibe).

The track explores an enviable friendship, expressing female solidarity: “Feelings fade, but I’ll stay/ He’s gone but I’m still your girl forever” Ralph croons, enforced by cleverly crafted vocal echoes, comforting a girlfriend: “Dust it off babygirl”.

Harrison has seen an extraordinary 1000% increase in his playlist following this week

Backed by influential Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday and Pop All Day, Harrison’s playlist following has increased by almost 3 million over the past 7 days (Instrumental Scouting Platform).

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