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Australian fast-riser Hatchie is back with another dreamy synth-pop hit.

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Australian songwriter Hatchie has returned with a new dreamy synth-pop track ‘Sleep’.

Hailing from Brisbane, Harriette Pilbeam began crafting her songwriting trade, learning guitar, bass, piano and clarinet. After working alongside bands like Go Violets and Babaganouj, she launched her solo project, Hatchie.

Despite her sweet voice, dreamy synths and energetic guitar parts, the track is a melancholy ode to an incompatible partner. This contrast makes the track captivating.

Hatchie explains: "'Sleep' is about feeling frustrated with someone who can't communicate their feelings... In this song I'm trying to coax someone into talking to me by any means necessary, even if it means visiting me in dreams.

With features on Ultimate Indie amongst other influential playlists, her total playlist following has surpassed 4.5 million this week. This is a very promising figure as she prepares to release her new EP. ‘Sugar & Spice’ drops on May 25th, with a string of tour dates to follow (Instrumental).

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